Welcome to the Adams County Farmers' Market

Located at 103 Carlisle Street, Gettysburg PA, conveniently located between the Transit Center and parking garage. Market hours: Thursday’s from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m., Saturday’s from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Adams County may be best known for Gettysburg, one of the most popular small towns in America. But just beyond the battlefields of 1863 are rolling hills of abundant orchards, wineries, dairies and generations of farming communities.  Even though we are tops in Pennsylvania for apples and peaches, there’s more growing here than you may imagine. From the freshest fruits, berries and produce to flowers, herbs, vineyards, artesian cheese, farm eggs, pumpkins, homemade soaps, and hand-crafted skincare.

Reasons to Shop at Your Local Markets

Why shop at local markets? One reason may be that you are looking for more healthy choices for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But beyond that, there are many other reasons to support your local markets.


  • Freshness – When it comes to flavor, there’s simply no comparison—local fruit and produce taste much more delicious than products trucked in from thousands of miles away. And, picked at the peak of ripeness, fresh fruit and produce are more nutritious.
  • Variety – Your local farms grow a wide variety of fruits, heirloom vegetables, flowers, berries, plants and more.
  • Community – Enjoy your neighbors and community as you stroll through the market. And, when you buy locally, your dollars stay in your community—and so will the farmers! Now that’s a great reason.
  • Outreach Programs — We all know that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables reduces diet related illness and improves health for all citizens. Access to fresh, locally grown food is increasingly important. Visit our Community Outreach page to learn more about the Association’s programs that inspire, educate and creates better communities. 

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