Parking for the Market

The Borough of Gettysburg has several options for parking during our Market days at Gettysburg Transit Center.  Below is a detailed guide that will help you find suitable and affordable parking if you need it for our new Market location!  If you use the Passport parking app for our Thursday Market, you can receive “Passport Parking Bucks”, worth $1.35 to use at our market vendors!  Just show us your phone with the app in use for the market.

*There is a minimum purchase amount of $1.00 in all zones with a 5 minute cancellation grace period. Passport collects an additional 35-cent one-time convenience fee (adding time does not incur an additional 35 cents). Users can sign up and pay for parking at

Here is a how-to parking app video that goes through step-by-step instructions on how to set up your parking app for easy use in Downtown Gettysburg.  Enjoy the convenience of using Passport Parking in Historic Gettysburg, PA. PassPort LOGO

This is a breakdown of the meter zones:

Zone Name Space # Time Limit
Max Time Limit
(using app)
Cost Pay Increments
1863 Inside Garage (1-356) 24-hour 24 hours $0.75/hour 20 minute
Outside Garage (East Race Horse Alley 357-374) 8AM-8PM 2 hours $1.00/hour 15 minute
1862 Long-term (12-hr) meters 8AM-8PM
12 hours $1.00/hour 15 minute
1861 Short-term (2-hr) meters 8AM-8PM
2 hours $1.00/hour 15 minute
1806 Carr Lot (12-hr meters)
(S Stratton St)(1-16)
24-hour lot 12 hours $1.00/hour 15 minute
1786 County Lot (2-hr meters)
(E Middle St)(1-5)
 24-hour  2 hours $1.00/hour 15 minute
County Lot 12-hr meters
(E Middle St)(6-20)
 24-hour  12 hours  $1.00/hour 15 minute



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